Authentic Communication in a Pandemic World

The challenge to be an effective communicator in our COVID-19 pandemic world is not as much about what you say but getting people to listen.

Isolation, distractions, and fluid circumstances make it hard for people to focus on one thing, let alone pay attention to you. Passive listening is more prevalent as video call participants check email and social media accounts during calls. Non-verbal cues that help us communicate and understand each other are obscure. It is hard to get feedback from a participant who turns off their video. Now we must frame our words more carefully and be more intentional about listening.

Even in person, communicating with other people is more complicated. Masks and social distancing make for awkward in-person interactions. When we can be present with others, making strong connections while standing six feet apart remains difficult. For some, not being able to hug a friend prompts negative internal emotions.

One thing that remains the same is our need for authentic human connection. For most people, isolation is challenging. Disruption of usual relational patterns tests the strength of friendships. Our people may not be available anymore.

If you ask me what most people crave above everything else, I will say that it is authentic relationships.

Authentic relationships require authentic communication. Authentic communicators engage in learning about themselves, others, and how to make meaningful connections that result in effective communication. The most effective communication happens when two or more people are authentic communicators.

Interact Truthfully with Others

Authentic communicators convey the truth about what they are thinking, feeling, choosing, or doing. They are excellent communicators and conversationalists. They are open to new ideas and seek to understand other people without feeling threaten or defensive. There is mutual respect without judgmental stereotypes. They are curious and take time to listen. Their words seek to inspire rather than control or belittle. Authentic communicators have an advantage over the manipulative and self-promotion games people play. Other authentic people will want to be around and converse with you.

How to Be an Authentic Communicator

You can take steps to become a more authentic communicator by doing three things.

Consider Your Level of Personal Authenticity

When you feel good about yourself, possess self-confidence, and determine what is important to you, communication gets more authentic. The need to impress others for selfish gain or overcome insecurities melt away. Authentic communicators hold healthy views about themselves and avoid falling for relational games other people play.

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