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Richie Bello of Richie Bello LTD and Clickable Inc. announced today that all 501(c)(3) not for profits are welcome to take advantage of free server space on their dedicated systems, effective immediately. Bello made it clear that this is not a first come first served basis, but will only be offered for a limited time. The free space alone for all their hosting needs is a blessing, but offering this on dedicated servers is taking this charitable cause to a whole new level.

Normally, you’d see an offer like this on shared hosting servers which house many websites, slowing the overall user experience. A dedicated server is not shared and leaves the host with more flexibility over software and other management decisions that optimize the user experience. Bello shared, “Just because we’re offering it up for free, doesn’t mean we don’t give our best. Each 501 will be treated like any other client. They’ll get the space, the speed and the service they deserve.” When Bello says space, he means unlimited space, on an optimized system.

This is an unprecedented offering, and all 501(c)(3) not for profits should take advantage of Bello’s and Clickable’s charitable nature. Clickable’s software is second to none. It funnels all social media outlets into one data pool, allowing you to turn that data into intelligence and act on that through instant marketing tools. It’s revolutionary and it’s changing the game. Richie Bello is an automotive sales trainer and consultant, who speaks to thousands of new to seasoned salespeople every year, motivating them to push through the negativity associated with the automotive industry. Bello also specializes in search engine optimization and digital marketing.
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