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You may get eye rolls. You may get gets huffs and puffs. Some may even come right out and directly complain about their time being wasted. Maybe you think they’re a waste of time, but believe me when I tell you, team meetings are not only effective, they can grow your business in ways you never thought possible. They’ve been around since the beginning of time, and make you think of inspiring moments in movies where the coach is yelling like a preacher at his team in the locker room. Team meetings are meant to focus on where we’ve been, what we can do better, what we did right and where we’re going to take things. It’s about focus and moral, and your team at Justplayin’ is here to tell you how to make them work for your showroom floor or any business really.

The team meeting or huddle if you want to go a little more sports orientated should be happening at least once a week, first thing in the morning. If you don’t have them first thing in the morning, you may have distracted employees because the workday has begun. A quick daily huddle would be best once a day to get things rolling, but don’t let a week go by. At these meetings, we should be reinforcing what we talked about at our last meeting or at any last training workshops you may have gone to. If you send your staff to training and reinforce the training in your team meetings, then you’re really getting the most from your training. These meetings should also be built to give praise to those performing well on the floor, and motivation for those lagging a bit. Talk about those salespeople that are working their pipelines and hitting social media regularly. Give praise to those that hit their numbers, and to those that are moving in the right direction.

Now, you would think that telling employees who did well and go team go would be the end of it, but there’s so much more. Think about all the possibilities. Are there new promotions coming soon that you have to roll out to the public? Are you going to implement new technology into the dealership and don’t want to just hit your staff with it during the workday? Will there be staff shortages because of the upcoming holidays? Maybe there are Human Relations updates your staff needs to understand and a quiet meeting is a place to make sure you can drive it home clearly.

What about education?

Do you record your sales calls? Maybe you can pull some and play them during the meeting for reference. If you don’t record calls, do it. You can review CRM tools. You don’t have to review them all, but pull out some of the more important aspects and make sure everyone is feeling confident because many don’t realize the amount of time and money those tools can save an organization. Even just having a conversation about how no may mean yes when a potential customer hits your showroom floor, and how to handle that customer walking out the door is valuable. These are all valuable conversation pieces, and during a huddle, you get the perspective of many, which only adds solutions to everyday problems.

Before ending the meeting, try to motivate them. Whether it’s a quote you pull from searching around a bit or playing some well-known scene from a movie on youtube, try to show them something that has relevance. Then ask them what they walk away with today. It may seem childish, but it keeps them on their toes. When you start your next meeting, do a quick and I mean quick recap of the last meeting just to keep the ideas fresh in their heads. maybe even incorporate an idea or two into the new meeting. You have to be prepared for these weekly meetings, but they will make a huge difference to your team once you get rolling. We guarantee it will be a topic of discussion amongst themselves and they will start to come to the meeting with their own ideas before you know it.

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