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It’s not magic, and it doesn’t come overnight. If you want to be a successful salesperson, it takes hard work and a certain set of, yes I’m going to say it, skills. The team here at Justplayin’ put together a list of a few gems that you should be looking for in yourself or your salespeople if you want to send them up the ladder and take your showroom floor numbers along for the ride.

Know who you are and be you. This goes for you or your salespeople. You can only fool people for so long, so be the best version of you and present that to your customers and make sure your salespeople are doing the same. Don’t come up with some sales voice and fake lines you don’t believe in. Customers can feel it. They can see right through it. They’ve seen the same movies you have, so don’t try to fool anyone, and certainly don’t let your staff do the same. It’s called the buyer persona, and you want to stick to it.

Look for tricks and hacks that work and exploit them until they fail. It’s fine to try new things, and you should always be researching new ways to market yourself to the vehicle buying world, but the tactics that work, should be the tactics you use day in and day out. Time is limited and you need to be moving vehicles. If your email, to phone and free oil change offer brings in 3 out of 5 leads, keep that method rolling. Try something new here and there so you can add something to your arsenal and keep things fresh, but don’t let go of what works.

Please know your product. Killing it with personality is great, but knowing the product is where it’s at. The internet has turned your potential customers into experts, so be prepared. They will question you just to test you. If you’re working with a walk-in, then it can be hard to know all about the random vehicle they ask about, but if you’re dealing with a lead and they send info in advance, there’s no excuse. Study their needs and be ready. If it’s a walk-in, just be honest and research with them. They’ll be glad you’re taking the time.

Here’s an obvious one. You have to work hard. Actually, you have to work extremely hard. If it’s the last day of the month and you want to go out tonight to celebrate because you hit your numbers, well good for you. The real sales animals are lining up their emails and texts for the next month. They’re loading up the pipeline, and getting ready to beat all expectations for the next month. I’m not saying you have to work 24/7, but you can’t coast in sales. You have to have the next wave rolling at all times or the waters will calm, and a new sales king will rise.

If you think you have what it takes to sell your way to the top, and the team at Justplayin’ believes that anyone can do it, leave a comment and let us know your tips and tricks to get the job done. We’ll have more on this in part two. Always check in with

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