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Richie Bello On-Demand is an elite service advisor training company in the automotive service business. Now, Richie Bello On-Demand is now offering a 30-day free trial for automotive online fixed operations! The Richie Bello On-Demand workshop will focus on on-site automotive service advisor training to help dealerships, service managers, and service advisors increase their revenues and create a higher level of customer satisfaction. Through proven sales processes, Richie Bello On-Demand will teach dealerships, service managers, and service advisors the skills they need to achieve proper customer retention and long-term success.


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Richie Bello will train your staff at your dealership by coaching them each step of the way. At each level, Richie Bello will turn your fixed operations staff into a well-oiled machine, while receiving distinct, hands-on training for all skill levels that your dealership needs. We will turn your inexperienced staff members into professional fixed operations associates by teaching your staff the skills they require to sell successfully and effectively. And with our 30-day free trial for automotive online fixed operations- you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Fixed Operations can easily be the backbone of your dealership, if it operates effectively. If your fixed operations do not operate effectively, then it is a problem that is costing your dealership a lot of money. Your sales team might sell the car, but it’s the service department who creates a continuous revenue stream. It is also the service department who potentially sells the customer a lifetime of vehicles. Deliver amazing service by well-trained staff, and you’re likely to have a customer for life. Give your customers a reason to return by training your employees in fixed operations!

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