Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light

When the world is in a dark place, it’s your time to shine.  Sounds a little corny, but we all have something to give or offer. Now’s the time to get out of our pajamas and make ourselves ready for recovery. You have more than likely already done as much fixing up around your home that you can, plus the time for gardening, a heck of a lot of cooking and a few at home half-baked workouts. What is less than two weeks, feels like two years, but with more time ahead before the next trip to Manhattan makes sense, I suggest you get yourself ready for recovery.


Reach Out To Every Client – It is extremely important that every client you have on your roster is communicated with on a regular basis. You don’t have to be asking for business, just asking how things are and if they are ready for the ramp up.


Give your clients something for nothing – Make an offer they can’t refuse by supporting clients with some service that will help when recovery efforts begin and do not charge for it. You know how difficult it is for them and since you are not able to go anywhere, just keep yourself busy supporting their needs. 


Review your marketing plan and business development goals for 2020 – How did you fare for first quarter of 2020 against your projections. What were the targets and what did you achieve? Create a visual, indicating the plus or minus for January through March for this year and if available, the two years prior. Look at your product mix, gross profit on various segments of your business or job and prepare to meet your goals by making yourself ready.


Create several plans to meet your 2020 goals– No one knows just how long this “pandemic” will last, but in order to meet the goals of the year, set your projections and action plan at various start dates and what you would have to do to meet your numbers if you started in April, May, June, etc. Take the plan out through the year.


Look at your brand and social media – You’ve got the time. Is your Google My Business, or LinkedIn profile where it should be? Is your social media presence out there? Clean it up. Pump it up. Be ready!


Stay connected to work buddies – Your company needs you to think too! Share ideas with co-workers on ways to make up for the time we have had to slow down. Some essential businesses are working every day, but most of us have been sequestered. However, we do have technology today that allows us to stay connected and think together!


Finish those home projects – With all of the above under control, you can make time each and every day for those home projects. 


Richie Bello is nationally recognized in the automotive industry, software developer, lead provider and digital marketer. 
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