Social Selling Works! Part II

Have you put two and two together yet? You want to move vehicles right? Well, social media is where people are hanging out and communicating. Mobile devices are where people are making their purchasing decisions and they’re reading reviews before they choose where to eat, sleep and shop. Learn to communicate effectively online, and you’ll be moving more vehicles before you know it. Here are a few more tips before you blow up their walls.

1. Talk about how much you love what you do. You know when someone dislikes their job, and it makes you feel like a nuisance. We’re not saying you have to love every aspect of what you do, but find a few nuggets and share them with the world. Did you love cars as a kid? Talk about how you loved all kinds of vehicles and now you get to put people behind the wheels of their dream cars. Make it a passion. People like to buy from people who are passionate about what they’re selling. Are you a people person? Talk about that. Are you passionate about putting people behind the wheel of safe vehicles? Talk about that. Find the positive and put it out there.

2. Take a video test drive. This is a must. Video is everything in the world of social media and SEO. You’ll need a colleague or good phone mount for this one, and if you can invest in a cheap microphone, do it. You can grab one on Amazon for around $25. Take them for a spin. Show them how your top models handle the road. Show them how beautiful you keep the inside of your pre-owned vehicles, and how quietly those engines run. Invite them down to the showroom for a test drive, and don’t make any silly promises. Just be friendly and real. They’ll come.

3. How about a video tour of the dealership? Customers picture cold and dark places when thinking about entering a car dealership. They picture vultures circling a dead body on the ground. Yeah, it’s that bad. These poor people can’t even pick up diapers at a wholesale club anymore without being pounced on when they walk in the door by a person selling them a roof or windows. It’s hard out there. Show them a safe haven. Keep it short. I’d say two minutes is about the breaking point for most viewers these days unless you’re doing a comedy routine. Make sure your facilities look their best, and the rest of the staff know you’re filming. Let them see the beautiful vehicles, service smiles, food, coffee, and tell them you’re excited to have them.

Any time you have a promotion, contest, or any type of event, pull out the phone for a new friendly reminder of why they’re missing out. Any of the above ideas can be executed multiple times. Just because you talk about loving what you do in one video in February, doesn’t mean you can’t come back in March and talk about it again. Make it a series. Do one video a month talking about one reason why you’re blessed to have this job. Your co-workers will laugh. Then they’ll pull out their phones and follow along with you, once they see you climbing the ranks.

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