Every now and then there comes the need for training in a business environment and one of the most important is the sales training, especially in the automobile industry where you cannot afford to not make sales as it can be fatal not to. Automotive sales training is essential in the automobile industry but there normally seems to be a separation in training when it comes to the service department and the sales department. Within the sales department the target is on developing understanding and mastering sales techniques which would allow a person to make connections with clients in order to sell cars. Though, in service departments the focus is on vehicle knowledge and taking the client’s order. The issue with this type of automotive training is that while vehicle knowledge is essential, you’ll limit your profit opportunities when you don’t have an individual that could make sales to further your service department opportunities.

Your service advisor is usually the individual who performs the meet and greet with clients, assessing what the customer is searching for and recommending extra services. While this person may have a vast amount of knowledge on the customer’s vehicle, when they cannot convey this information in a convincing and informative manner they’ll probably be turned down for additional services. When a person takes part in service advisor training, the knowledge is vital but the focus should be on creating an individual who could make sales in addition to the services a client comes in for. This would increase your opportunity for profit and greatly improve your automotive service department’s financial contribution.

Company’s service manager training is another example of the need for reassessment. The service manager serves a vital role in the service department as they are responsible for all aspects including associates, sales, and service. When your service manager’s focus on the wrong areas, your department would probably suffer from low sales and menial production. When your service manager training has a main focus on sales and sales techniques, this individual could place a greater demand on their service advisors, increasing sales, and becoming a vital part of the dealerships financial opportunities. Every car owner requires their vehicle maintained in order to keep it running at peak efficiency and its the responsibility of the service manager to make sure that their advisors not only convey that message to consumers but that they do so with effective sales techniques.

So the best way to train an automobile salesman or saleswoman is to let him/her acquire knowledge in the service advisor field before brushing him/her up on how to close deals and bring sales home. This strategy will ensure that your salesman or saleswoman will be well equipped to handle whatever the customer throws at him or her, and there is nothing more charming than a person with knowledge, and personnel who gets their job done.

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