Automotive Vehicle Walk Arounds

Champion Strategies has agreed to partner with Richie Bello in 2020 to Produce Automotive Vehicle Walk Arounds
Brandon K. Hardison, President of Champion Strategies has been producing professional automotive vehicle walk around competitions for many of the top automotive groups since 2003. DCH Automotive Group wanted to increase customer awareness by its sales consultants adding more value of the recently new Certified Pre Owned Programs that its different manufacturers were introducing. Brandon met with the executive team, GM’s and SM’s to coach them through the processes on how the automotive group could be successful in reaching their desired goals.
In 2007 Asbury Automotive Group wanted to have a National training assessment on some aspect of the selling process by platform (city) that each of their dealers were operating. Mr. Hardison went to every platform that Asbury had at the time and coached their training department and dealership management on how the program should work. Every platform came up with a representative and all platform winners came to Atlanta, GA. for the finals. It was so well received that it was extended to the service advisors under the same format and was warmly presented annually for four years.
Champion Strategies was asked by the Ford CPO Program in 2012 if they would be able to support a National/Regional program to support an upswing in the new additional value added products that was being added to the current Ford CPO program. Ford Motor Company’s CPO program gained additional growth from 2012 to 2015 by incorporating the walk around program process to their network of dealers.

Jim Ellis Automotive Group in Atlanta, GA. has been using Champion Strategies walk around process for new vehicle, CPO and Service advisors since 2016 with outstanding increases in service/parts along with great reviews. The sales of both new vehicle and CPO are outstanding. 1n year ending 2018 – 12 of 15 at the time Jim Ellis dealerships were regional/National leaders for their respective manufacturer. Number not available for 2019
Brandon K. Hardison and Richie Bello have been working behind the scenes for the past few years on how any dealer or dealer group could take advantage of this value added program and processes. Richie Bello has been working feverishly to enhance the digital space, along with viewing educational platforms in order for vendors and dealer management to have knowledge and Information exchanged in a timely fashion. With the purchase of his studio and state of the art video equipment and a team of professionals that are ready to support a walk around contest anywhere in the United States that would be lived streamed to consumers – this program is ready to roll out in 2020. For more Information contact:


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