Automotive Workshop: Rocking Summit Seminar

In today’s business world, earning a profit is important but not as significant as getting and keeping a client base. One of the major issues with automotive businesses that are struggling or business that have gone bankrupt is that they underestimated how important it’s to get and keep a customer base.
In order to get this essential customer relationship, you need service managers and service advisors that do not just have the knowledge of what they are doing but also know how to implement the abilities they have been taught. Instead of hoping that your salesperson are capable of understanding and presenting themselves and your business in an ideal way to ensure a sale, why not attend an automotive workshop by Richie Bello?
A workshop is developed to take you and your employees to the next level. Though you can always enroll them in motivational courses, you’ll soon find out that these programs don’t teach your employees the way to implement the skills and techniques they learn. This event will get your employees enthusiastic about what they’re doing. The event is created by industry expert Richie Bello. Check the details of the events below:
The Theme of the Event: Strategies for Improving Results in 2019
In this workshop, the industry professionals will share their proven strategies for building your brands, improving your process and closing deals.
Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Location: Beach Club Estate. Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island
Time: 9:00am-4:00pm
Professional Speakers For The Event Include:
o Stan Sher
o Brandon K. Hardison
o Jason Howland
Registration fee is $349 per person and this includes FREE 30-day access to all workshops. To learn more about this event. Kindly visit
In this event, your staff would discover more than just the basics of sales. They would learn about pricing structures, net profits, time management, how to deal with people and increase sales, how to complete paperwork, and the way to keep their own emotions in check. They will learn these skills and learn how to execute them. They would learn how to ensure they do not only satisfy the customer but that they work for the good of the company and its objectives.
Attending a workshop might seem ridiculous, but it’s one of the best choices you could make for the good of your company. By attending this event, you are guaranteeing that your company has the best and brightest in the field, working for the good of the customer and the company. To know more about this event kindly visit,

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