Your Telephone Speaking Voice

1. Answer the telephone by the third ring – Answer the telephone or make sure your answering machine picks up the telephone by the third or fourth ring. Do not let the telephone ring and ring. Many of us say how we “hate” speaking into these answering machines, but at the same time we also hate not having the option of leaving a message.

2. Make sure your greeting is professional – Make sure your greeting is short but very professional. Write down and practice your greeting several times before you actually record your greeting. Play it back and listen to your own speaking voice. Is your message too fast? Is it too slow? Make sure your greeting sounds professional and clear. Give the caller clear instructions what to do when leaving their message.

3. Be prepared before you answer the telephone – Have a pad of paper and pencil ready when you answer your telephone. Be prepared to be an “active” listener and take notes when someone calls. Especially write down the person’s name who has called so you can use their name during your conversation with them. People “love” to hear their name.

4. Be an “active” listener – Take notes as you speak. Let the people know you are taking notes and this will signal them not to speak too fast. Ask for the correct spelling of their name. Don’t assume their name is spelled the same as others. It may have a unique spelling.

5. Return telephone calls promptly! – To me, this is the most professional telephone habit people should possess. Be that person who DOES return telephone calls. Many people DO NOT return telephone calls! I have left numerous messages with people and companies who DO NOT return telephone calls. Quite often I have received a call from someone asking to order one of my products and I spend days, even weeks trying to contact them. I always try and return telephone calls within 4 hours, regardless of where I am. People who know me know that I am prompt in returning telephone calls.

6. Check Your Messages Frequently – If you are out of your office often as I am, check your messages several times a day. People may be looking to contact you quickly. It’s not unusual for me to receive calls from newspapers or magazines looking for information on a story. They are usually on a deadline and are looking for “quick” turn around. In my case, being a professional speaker, the call I receive may be a speakers bureau who is looking to check my availability for a client today! If I do not return the telephone call promptly, I may have lost that speaking engagement and that potential client.

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