Getting Those Calls Returned

The sales call, or should we say the dreaded sales call. Let me paint the picture for you. You’re a top salesperson. Cars roll themselves off the lot when you just look at them. You just came home from a long day on the showroom floor. You throw on something comfortable and pull open the fridge door to look around before googling what you’ll really be ordering for dinner. Then from behind, a sharp annoying sound that makes your stomach drop goes off like an alarm system. The phone rings. 25 years ago this may be an exciting thing, but these days, you know it’s a sales call. Whether you’re a salesperson or not, you don’t want to pick up, and if they leave a message, you don’t want to call back. Even if you inquired about a service, you still need some motivation to make that call back right? As the salesperson, you need that call back more than anything in the world. Well, as the salesperson, this is what you need to do to up the odds in your favor.

There’s no secret formula. There’s no magic spell. Just like losing weight or gaining muscle, there’s only one way to get the job done and that’s persistence. It’s hard work. You can have the most excited customer in the world. They’re ready to buy. Customer X knows the car they want, and you have it waiting for them, but they needed to think about, and they won’t return the call. You’re probably worried you’re going to be too pushy, but at the same time, you’re panicking about losing your sale to some other dealer a few blocks away. These feelings are normal for roughly…..oh….100% of all salespeople in the world. Most feel that there’s a fine line between being pushy and making your customer feel ignored.

Don’t worry about being pushy. It could take up to ten times to get them on the hook. One or two calls may seem annoying to you because you don’t want to be called, but don’t forget how excited they were about that vehicle. Don’t forget that they came to you. These people are just as busy as you are, and it’s not their job to get in touch with you. It’s your job to get them if you want them to spend $5000 to $50,000 on a vehicle that’ll put food on your table. Make those calls.

Variety makes a difference. If the call only approach isn’t working, mix it up. Leave a friendly message and back it up with an email letting them know you left a message. Maybe they connected with you via Facebook or another social media outlet. If not, spread your communications out through any outlets you can and be persistent. As long as you’re friendly and your tone doesn’t turn impatient, you won’t cross over into the pushy zone. Then, you’ll get them in, and you’ll be moving vehicles.

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