Here are 3 tips and examples for concluding a speech

1) Plan Your Closing Remarks Word For Word
To ensure that your conclusion is as powerful as it can be, you must plan it word for word.
Ask yourself, “What is the purpose of this talk?”
Your answer should involve the actions that you want your listeners to take after hearing you speak on this subject.
When you are clear about the end result you desire, it becomes much easier to design a conclusion that asks your listeners to take that action.
The best strategy for ending with a BANG is to plan your close before you plan the rest of your speech.
You then go back and design your opening so that it sets the stage for your conclusion.
The body of your talk is where you present your ideas and make your case for what you want the audience to think, remember, and do after hearing you speak.


2) Always End A Speech With A Call To Action
It is especially important to tell the audience what you want it to do as a result of hearing you speak.
A call to action is the best way to wrap up your talk with strength and power.
Here Is A Speech Conclusion Call To Action Example
“We have great challenges and great opportunities, and with your help, we will meet them and make this next year the best year in our history!”
Whatever you say, imagine an exclamation point at the end. As you approach the conclusion, pick up your energy and tempo.
Speak with strength and emphasis.
Drive the final point home.
Regardless of whether the audience participants agree with you or are willing to do what you ask, it should be perfectly clear to them what you are requesting.

3) Make It Clear That You’re Done
When you say your final words, it should be clear to everyone that you have ended. There should be no ambiguity or confusion in the mind of your audience. The audience members should know that this is the end.
Many speakers just allow their talks to wind down.
They say something like, “Well, that just about covers it. Thank you.”
This isn’t a good idea…
It’s not powerful…
It’s not an authoritative ending and thus detracts from your credibility and influence.
When you have concluded, discipline yourself to stand perfectly still. Select a friendly face in the audience and look straight at that person.
If it is appropriate, smile warmly at that person to signal that your speech has come to an end.
Make it a champion Day!
Brandon K. Hardison Champion Strategies

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