In an automotive dealership, just as the fish in the sea need water it is integral to make sales frequently. The competition for buyers gets stiffer by the day because there are numerous quality dealerships willing to grant special offers to whichever buyer they get a hold of. The automotive industry is not the same as it was 10 years back; clients are no longer so into the “loyalty thing”, they will go wherever they find satisfaction.

There are a ton of clichés buyers use to get out of deals or even dealerships they don’t find interesting, but you will probably agree with me “be back!” is one reoccurring and devastating phrase buyers use all the time to escape from a dealership.

The “be back!” phrase is not to be seen as the problem, it only means “I am not interested in what you have got for me, so I’m just going to slip away politely.” Does that seem like a problem? Before a buyer gets to say “I’ll be back” it means he or she is in the dealership but is trying to escape now. Coming out to the dealership means he or she is there for the taking so when you get the “I’ll be back” cliché as a salesman that is not the time to back down, which is the time you bring your “A” game and tell the client why your dealership is where they want to be. From a statistical point of view, about 90% of buyers who say “I’ll be back” never return midst the best attempts of your salesmen to reach out to them afterwards. In a few cases reaching out might do the trick and sway the buyer your way, but most times it doesn’t work because your salesman may have reached out with a piece of information the prospect isn’t still interested in, hence the prospect is lost the second time often for good.

This is definitely not one of the challenges you can just let slide, it needs careful strategy to overcome this and our Complete Marketing System is just what you need to get your prospects back pushing in your dealership door so that you can effectively close them and everyone goes home happy.

The complete Marketing System allows you access to a combo of sales inquiry reputation system and a hot lead generator. These processes are a salesman’s dream as it offers an efficient and completely automated follow up campaign, in view of attracting a prospect this is gold because the system will do timely follow ups till you forbid it.

The sales inquiry reputation system functions in a way that it creates a platform for unhappy customers to report on a feedback on their dissatisfactions without holding back. This gives the salesman something like a second chance to pull the customer back I and make them happy as well as he can. This method has measured a lot of success as the psychology of the sales inquiry reputation system compels any unsatisfied customer to say something and there’s your diamonds in the rough. There’s more to this system as it is effective in keeping unsatisfied customers away from the reviews where they might post something negative and damaging, rather they calmly or wildly tell the sales rep what went wrong and hey, everyone is happy. This makes it easy to accumulate only positive review which the system channels to sites necessary to your business like Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Judy’s book, etc. and of course there is no telling what positive reviews can bring to your dealership’s sales process.

The hot lead generator is another beautiful aspect of the Complete Marketing System, it performs various crucial functions. It gears more “I’ll be back” prospects to be in touch with you all automatically via email messaging or text messaging. The automated hot lead generator also sends out a sequence of targeted emails to other sales and promos using our custom template automatically. There is also the perk of leaving missed calls on your prospects’ lines without actually making a call at all, also powerful texts are sent automatically to your prospects, all on autopilot. What do you think about something that reminds prospects to read their voicemails or check their emails? That is the Complete Marketing System while offering the prospect or customer a platform to tell how well your service rates.

At some point your salesman may have to answer these questions if he gets a lot of “I’ll be back” buyers, why is it that you have decided to sell automobiles for a living? Is it because you are passionate about a certain make or model and just love sharing that with others? If so, good for you, but if you are only selling vehicles because that’s all you have ever tried to sell and are not really sure of what else is possible, then that’s not going to cut it. Passion or no passion you have to work outside in the cold of winter and the heat of summer on a car lot waiting for people to show up. Or, you spin your wheels hustling up leads of your own, and then have to close down your prospects on objection after objection and try to make them NOT feel pressured during the entire process. Do this for 50 to 80 hours a week and you might make around $500 per sale.

I guess that wouldn’t be too bad if you could sell three vehicles per day, every day, for six days a week. But we know that is probably not realistic for most people, so thank the stars we have the Complete Marketing System to save you.

Installing and using the Complete Marketing System is no easy feat but we’ll be on the other side of the line when you call to inquire about the Complete Marketing System on 800.454.5045. Get started today because your competition is already started, call for special pricing, brought to you by USMMP Universal Solutions Marketing Media Production.

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