The year 2016 has now run out of months and weeks and now only has just a few days before it fades away inevitably, it is usually at these dire times that the instincts to evaluate and assess the events of the months long gone kicks in. Across every industry including the automotive industry, the year 2016 recorded a mixed measure of success and otherwise. So, what has the evaluation and reassessment shown you about your dealership in 2016? Did you have a good year this 2016? Did your sales team deliver? Did you get good Returns on Investment (ROI) for hiring an executive coach, or other contract staff? And if 2016 counted as a successful year for you, kudos but do you want to end there? The right frame of mind would be thinking of trumping this year’s success come 2017 hence the question “is your dealership prepared for 2017?” If the question interests you then look to the following tips as 2017 nears:



First and foremost, a dealership thrives primarily on making sales; this makes your sales personnel the go to guys in keeping the dealership up and running with fresh customer faces. However, most of the more successful dealerships thrive on not just a large customer base but a loyal one. If you had a customer base of 1000 buyers and hundred returned every six months for a new deal or a little more frequently for an automobile servicing you would understand quickly how integral loyal customers are to the business just like the fresh customer faces. The sales department can get a customer in for the first time but in order to keep them loyal they need to be impressed and that falls to the service department. When 2017 comes be make the right calls and your dealership just might be the next big thing.



Every member of staff in a dealership should know the products inside out, but a product specialist is the one who speaks the specifications and awesomeness of these products in a super cool language that convinces your customers into thinking “I’m so silly, maybe I was underpricing”, “The product is certainly good for that price”. Product specialists can be trained but it takes a lot more to hire one because the individual has to almost be a natural if not one.



Speaking of talent in a strict business world maybe unusual but if you found a kid although qualified who just lives to pitch terms to his friends, neighbors, or family and you compare him to a schooled kid you will notice very different levels of enthusiasm. There are a ton of other talents out there that may look out of place but surely if you throw them in the mix and find something worthwhile for them to do your dealership will certainly soar.

Start putting things in place to own 2017, I would start from now if I were you to get ready for 2017 because it gets tougher to compete by the year.

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