Meet International Speaker and Best-selling Author Greg Jacobson

Success achieved through happiness is the ideal way to pursue success

In every walk of life success is in high demand, even in the not-so-flashy professions. Now, individuals and organizations in demand for success can rest easy as international Bestselling Author and Speaker Greg Jacobson is announced onto the scene. As a highly sought after speaker, Greg Jacobson is going to supply success-seekers with the recipe for success.

Everyone could use some bit of happiness or a whole lot. However, people often set out in pursuit of happiness in the wrong places or in the wrong way. Greg preaches the gospel of living happily and not searching for happiness. This makes so much sense, since all the most prominent speakers and writers suggest that one could only find happiness within themselves. It is safe to say Greg Jacobson uses the route of happiness to teach how success can be achieved. He teaches that being content with a certain outcome is success already, this should be the backdrop to chasing more success, contentment! Anything other than living happily is chasing happiness. Greg highlights how the former is not right, because it sure does not feel right to chase one’s tail.

Greg Jacobson has worked with big names including Sotheby’s, CHRISTIE’S, Marcus & Millichap, ColdwellBanker, and the list goes on. Involvement with governments, NGOs, non-profits and some of the largest companies in the world point to how good Greg is at what he does. Success may not manifest in one day but reviews from happy clients suggest that attacking success through happiness as Greg teaches is one of the best feelings ever.

Coupled with being a well-educated, skilled and experienced speaker, Greg has put some of his knowledge (maybe a whole lot) into a book with title ‘Think Yourself Happy.’ Now anyone from across the world can be happy without having to meet Greg, just meet the book. The book, just published, sells on amazon and has garnered only positive reviews to date.


Get access to free courses by Greg Jacobson on his website right here It can be painful at times seeking out books on amazon so here’s the link to the ‘Think Yourself Happy’ book on amazon right here. Get in touch with the team for speaking engagements, consulting, and media interviews at (805) 302-0692 or greg(at)happilyachieving(dot)com.

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