Pandemic Nearly Doubles Online Car Shopping

Pandemic Nearly Doubles Online Car Shopping

Car shoppers have been headed more and more to online car buying over the past several years, but the 2020 pandemic effect has had online shopping breaking all records. Amazon’s recent problems with its warehouse and delivery systems didn’t hamper its unprecedented growth. Consumers are staying home, eliminating this year’s travel,


not running to restaurants and concerts, so shopping for everything, including their automobiles are being purchased online. The automotive industry was off to the online direction, but nowhere prepared for what social distancing has done to their showroom and service traffic, and protocols. The preference to online shopping jumped from 34% to 64% during the pandemic. The industry has done everything they can to seduce buyers ranging from unheard of pricing and rebates, to 7 years interest-free financing. Many consumers are taking the industry on as seen by, the online search engine that features over 6 million vehicles and offers support with referrals to pre-owned vehicle warranties, financing, and delivery. The vehicle protection plans for pre-owned vehicles that were once exclusively in the dealership, now are becoming another online shopping opportunity. WarranTchimp, the portal site that touts a better plan at the guaranteed best price for pre-owned vehicles developed its platform to allow the consumer to easily “do it yourself”. Consumers select the particulars of the vehicle protection plan, the deductible and the terms of payment. The site offers a guaranteed best price, because it created a platform that is as simple as buying an airline ticket. There’s no dealer commissions. There’s no middleman. It’s as simple as buying an airline ticket online.

The expression “necessity is the mother of invention” has never been truer, with solutions for car shoppers to log on to all the benefits that came out of what we all know to be a difficult time in so many areas of our lives. Now car shopping can be as easy as for all the available online inventory, a rating from Kelley Blue Book to ensure you are paying the right price and you can even arrange for your pre-owned extended car warranty.

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