There are numerous sales strategies in the mix right now, this means you can chase down a sale via phone selling, social media, offline, and more. Phone selling may not be a new concept to you, after all the stock brokers got reach off their phone. They were the masters of phone selling even though a couple of times some illegal activities may ensue, but the point is the effectiveness of phone selling is carefully highlighted by the success of their work. This act or skill if applied in the automotive industry will only improve what you already have, and present you with one more effective means of making sales.

Advancing telephone sales techniques and a phone marketing strategy for dealerships and even small businesses is more important than you might know. With a well-planned out strategy sales can be incurred from pretty much anywhere, that is why having an expert phone sales techniques is almost a necessity to a business that is dependent on sales. Phone selling should not be underestimated; even professional sales experts use them in unison with other sales strategy to help them reach their sales targets. Here are a few tips that can guide your phone sales officer on bringing more sales home:
Recall Success Stories:

It is very engaging to hear success stories, tell the clients about a previous client your dealership helped achieve satisfaction and let them know you are confident you can land this one for them

Be Prepared for Objections:

You should keep in mind that any customer who is really not interested would just terminate the call, for those prospects there’s nothing you can do to save them but where they use statements like

  • We don’t have the money for that
  • We may not be interested
  • You would be wasting your time

These statements simply mean the prospect is there for the taking, this is the point where you have to push the right buttons.

Avoid being too formal:

You would think being formal will make your prospect more comfortable but this just makes them think you are a tad unserious or worse, manipulative. So keep it simple, better to go down being professional than not.


Proper training is essential to success, and make sure the account executives have a good range of knowledge about the products and services being offered. Be inventive and learn the techniques that will best. One popular technique is permission marketing when cold calling isn’t really necessary. Keep in mind, it is important to have a real good reason to contact a customer, and they need to know it.

If the sales representative can hold the customers attention for longer than a minute, the chances of making the sale rise up dramatically. One helpful tool is to send emails prior to phone calls. Just make sure the emails are interesting and capture their attention.

They should create a desire to have the customer call the company and learn more. Only give people relevant information that they need to make a decision, sales are easier to make when the customer is already interested in the product or service.

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