Vehicle Service Agreements Make Sense For Many

Vehicle Service Agreements Make Sense For Many

Today’s vehicles are built to ride for 200,000 miles. Pre-owned vehicles have taken the lead in automotive sales, with five year old cars depreciating 50-60%. That takes a $30,000 vehicle to $15,000 and generally with plenty of time on the road. If we look at the new owner of a five-year-old vehicle with 60,000 miles or more, you can expect some problems.

A vehicle service agreement should be in place for any vehicle over 4 years and 60,000 miles., the portal site that gives the consumers control by inviting them to “do it yourself” by selecting the vehicle service agreement that best suits their length of time, mileage, and deductible. The basic program does the job in most cases, and consumers can add some additional bells and whistles, but the basic plan comes with service locations throughout the country, roadside assistance,

and rental car options. The site takes the consumer through a few questions, then allows the consumer to select how long and for how many miles. After guaranteeing the best price, the site offers 0% financing. Whether you purchase a car that is over four years old or are still driving one, a vehicle service agreement, often called a used car warranty, is the protection needed to avoid unexpected expensive repairs. A vehicle is often one of the bigger investments we make throughout our lives. And maintaining it with a service agreement will only keep its value, should you decide to sell your vehicle during the term of the warranty. It makes sense.

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