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When the extended car warranty company’s creative team began to develop its brand’s unique selling proposition to consumers, the objectives were outlined.

The brand should for the portal site had to include:

-a character that relays fun and ease of the system.

-its ability to allow for a comprehensive extended car warranty online in minutes

-portal site eliminates the high cost of other services that add on high fees

The team developed a campaign that headlines “Don’t Monkey Around” with vehicle protection plans that aren’t custom to your needs and budget and suggests that consumers look to Warran T Chimp for a better plan at the best price. The name Warran T Chimp ties together the home of Warran T Chimp, where the chimp does a lot of the work for the auto protection plan buyer. Warran T Chimp provides a handle for the animated icon, a happy chimp. The chimp recommends a good provider that offers customized deductibles and components of the plan;can be purchased as easily as booking an airline ticket; is always at the guaranteed best price because the site does not tack on high fees, and can be financed without interest. Warran T Chimp provides the consumer an easy to “do it yourself” vehicle protection plan, sometimes known as used car warranty, extended car warranty, and the other similarly descriptive titles for the type of protection a pre-owned vehicle may need. Just one unexpected high-cost repair could take away all the savings attained by purchasing pre-owned.


Consumers spend 85% of their time online prior to making a decision on their vehicle’s purchase, which could be one of their most valuable assets. Over 40 million consumers purchased a pre-owned vehicle, versus 17 million new vehicles in 2019. That’s telling. The average manufacturer touts that their vehicles can spend hundreds of thousands of miles on the road with proper maintenance. The new car warranty from the manufacturer runs out long before that in most cases. Add to that consumers purchasing a car just five years on the road with under 100,000 miles, should go another 100,000 miles. The advantage of a 5-year pre-owned purchase is a 50% – 60% depreciation on the vehicle, that still should give the driver the mileage they expect before the vehicle is replaced. suggests that consumers can purchase the warranty they select online, adding and subtracting the features they require and can afford in just minutes. Warran T Chimp allows the consumer to have a look at the features without the pressure of a sales or dealer middleman pursuing you day and night. It’s so simple to use Warran T Chimp. Just go to with your VIN number in hand and answer a few simple questions. The basic plan will come forward and you can then add and subtract features and deductibles until you are comfortable. The plan is purchased in just minutes with the full details laid out in front of you before you sign off on your customized plan. guarantees the price with a refund and a $100 bonus on the guarantee. Warran T Chimp is letting consumers know that there is no need to monkey around with vehicle protection for pre-owned vehicles ever again.

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