Why Managers and Employees Fear Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching refers to the process in which a person is encouraged and challenged to grow as a business executive by another person who knows how to facilitate growth in that particular area of business. It offers executives another person’s point of view and perspective that allows them to see what they wouldn’t necessarily see themselves. It allows them to think beyond the goals they have set for themselves and reach a little bit higher and expect a little bit more out of themselves. Through coaching, executives identify their doubts and fears and then learn how to push past those doubts and fears to grow as a businessman into something better than they were before. Executive coaching offers a businessman another person’s perspective on his or her career and also pushes him or her out of their comfort zone. Coaches do not have the same hesitations and fears that businessmen do. Therefore, they challenge and set goals that the businessmen may not because of those fears and hesitations. This helps the businessmen face their fears and doubts, push past them, and grow into a better, more productive businessman.


What turns a manager off from Executive coaching?


Despite executive coaching promising so much, not every manager or employer appeals to the idea of hiring an executive coach. Like everything else in life with turn offs, a manager might not look to be a hiring an executive coach for those turn offs. Such turn offs include:



If applied right executive coaching will directly improve the productivity of your business by improving the productivity of your members of staff. Executive coaches are individuals with an arsenal of very rich resumes, years of experience, a long list of skills acquired and stuff like that. Now for such prominent individuals most times they cannot be hired on the cheap. Executive coaches are not found all over the corner. So where there is one, the individual will most likely be swarmed up with offers and appointments, and this doesn’t favour any other firm trying to tie them into another contract financially.
All of these factors will tell you the executive coach is good at what it does. But for a manager or CEO looking to get a lot for little the idea of hiring an executive coach may not appeal to him/her.



Nothing will turn a person away from using a service than if using similar service in the past only afforded them a forgettable experience. Quality executive coaches are not seen everywhere but if you put a sign up that reads “Executive coach wanted” online or offline you will not suffer a shortage of offers at all. Out there, there are those who are executive coaches and those who ‘wannabe.’ If a manager’s first experience is with a wannabe who duly messes up, chances are he might get too careful about hiring an executive coach in the future. This might even totally sway him off from the idea of executive coaching.



For employees, working with an executive coach can be a nightmare if the learning process becomes too cumbersome. This can come in the form of excessive time consumption or not relating with the coaches teachings. As an employee, engaging in executive coaching classes doesn’t exempt you from doing your primary job and whatever obligation you have. This means you have to take executive coaching classes on board with your other responsibilities with just as much time as you had. It can also be a problem when employee is not connecting with the teaching of the coach. This is actually worse than not employing executive coaching because you spend money and get nothing at all.

If you are interested in benefiting from executive coaching, look around before committing to a certain executive coach. Find the coach that is best suited for you and your individual personality. This can help you to feel more comfortable and safe around your coach, which can help you achieve more growth than you would if you were not comfortable with your coach. Aim higher than what you normally would, think of a goal that you would normally set for yourself. Then take that goal and aim a little bit higher. This can give you the drive, encouragement, and motivation to achieve a goal that you would not normally think you could obtain. There are many resources that are available for purchase that deal with the topic. Any of these resources could be helpful in the growth and progression of the career of a businessman or businesswoman.

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