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Let’s face it guys, women account for almost half of all the new car purchases out there on showroom floors and for some reason dealerships are almost completely male-dominated. Think about it. When was the last time you entered a dealership and found a woman in a power position or even more than one in a sales position? Not an easy one to think up right? The last time I was approached by a woman in a car dealership was back in 2003 on Long Island. It was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had, and I purchased two vehicles that day. Yes, women can and will sell vehicles right off your showroom floor. Yes, it’s important to balance your staff these days and here are some reasons why from your friends at Justplayin’.

First of all, we always get the same response. Should I not hire a better man over a weaker woman? Should I keep turning down good candidates to meet some kind of quota? Just stop. There are plenty of strong, intelligent, well dressed and easy to train women ready to hit your showroom floors. These days, you have more and more women walking into your showroom without their husbands, ready to make decisions. They don’t want to see a male-dominated industry anymore. This is a changed society, and you have to get with the program.

Are you worried about lawsuits? We hear that many dealers aren’t hiring women because they’re worried about being sued. If that’s the case, then the problem in the dealership. You need to create a safe working environment for all. Again, this is 2019. If you have staff members that cannot come to work and do their job while treating others like human beings, then they need to go. There’s a perfectly good woman, that can take their place. Managers and owners have to confront these problems head-on.

Sometimes perspective is everything. Sometimes a guy just wants to sit in a sports car or truck with another guy and go over all the options and features from the perspective of what they think guys are into. Yes, this sounds sexist, but it’s just guy time and how people relate to each other. Why can’t women have that option? Why can’t a woman sit her sports car of choice or a minivan when she’s expecting, and have another woman relate to her? It ups the game folks!

Even as a guy myself, I’d rather have a woman’s perspective in certain aspects of life. I may put on all my clothes in the morning and have five guys tell me I look sharp, but a woman will catch things that guys may not have built into the system in most cases. My tie could be crooked and fly could be open, and my friends would send me off on a date. Women see features and options in vehicles from a different perspective and that can activate a sale that may not sign from a male perspective, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Imagine the possibilities of a strong mixed staff, with solid training. You’d be an unstoppable dealership. Plus, you would be ahead of your time. Always check in with for everything you want to know auto.

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