10 sales prospecting ideas that work

It is important to keep the pipelines filled with prospects. In result, the prospecting process must occupy a primary place in a salesperson´s priorities, if success is to be achieved.

Here are 10 prospecting techniques that will guide you to identify qualified potential customers.


    • Commit to be a prospect-driven salesperson– When sales are down, salespeople take prospecting seriously. The results are important but the process of obtaining prospects is neglected.


  • Focus on finding the correct prospects- Some salespeople spend a lot of time chasing would-be prospects who have no interest in what they’re selling.  The clue is spending time determining exactly who fits the profile of what you want to sell and then building a prospect profile. Analyze your top customers, develop appropriate profiles and search for prospects that fit those profiles. The profiles will help you focus your prospecting activities on profitable, potential customers. Prospects must come before prospecting.
  • Cultivate- Prospecting is a process. Cultivating is to build a relationship with a prospect, something some salespeople find difficult when the initial contact is negative.
  • Follow up on former customers– When on your prospecting calls, mix in former customers. These may be an invaluable source of leads.
  • Expect reduction- Since businesses move or close, accounts are often lost. The best way to recover is to look up for prospects as customers in the making.
  • Identify resistance to change- Some prospects have a natural resistance to change.  Ask details about the objection in order to acknowledge how to overcome it.
  • Be the boss in your territory- By owning your territory, doors are shut for competitors in that area.
  • Get to know the competition- Companies in transition provide opportunities for salespeople who are quick and creative. Recognize and offer your strengths.
  • Don’t fall into a comfort zone- The entrepreneurial salesperson is never satisfied, always thinking and trying to grow, and improve the business.
  • Get to know your prospect, what he/she does, and what the objectives are- Get information with web searches, annual reports, people who work at the prospect’s company and press releases.



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