Are You Blogging? You Should Be!

Your digital game may be taking off, and it should be. If you’re in the automotive business and haven’t crossed a decent portion of your marketing time and budget over to digital, you’re making a big mistake. Let’s say you have. Your website is up to date. Your ads look stellar and you’re reaching people via Google ads or through social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. You’re not overpaying for your keywords, and clicks are coming in like wildfire. Is it enough? Are you converting? Will the clicks continue? Blogging is an amazing tool, and we’ll tell you why.

When you want to communicate who you are as a dealership, blogs are the way to tell the story. If you’re holding in-store events, big promotions or have a new model vehicle launching, a quick facebook post doesn’t always cut it. You need to engage your current or potential customers and offer them a real inside look or a behind the scenes. Pull back the curtain. If current customers have problems or concerns, don’t be defensive. Answer their questions and address their concerns for the world to see. Be transparent and apologize when you have to. When a review is good, bring attention by thanking them and talking about why it’s important to you to offer the best in customer service. Tell the story. You can’t do that in two sentences on Facebook.

Don’t think of blogs as a separate entity from search engine optimization. Search engine optimization(SEO) is all about content, and blogs are your opportunity to offer a constant flow of SEO rich content. When people search through Google’s engine, Google responds to your content favorably in many ways and for many reasons. Your website and social media sites have to be updated with new content regularly. Google is very aware when new content appears on your site and this helps your index situation greatly. Keyword usage and sharing within Youtube, Facebook and other sites are also tremendous. Also, there is a good chance you’ll experience incoming links from sources that are relevant while blogging.

What if you’re not a good writer? It doesn’t matter. Do your best. Ask other employees to give it a try and contribute. Higher an intern from a local college to write for you once a week. Just make sure you have new content up on a regular basis, so Google knows it and people are constantly being engaged. Your customers aren’t looking for Shakespeare. Blogging is not an expensive endeavor by the way. There are many tools you can use for free or minimal cost. Take a look at WordPress. You’ll be glad you did.

You may already be out there via radio, television, mailers and social media, and that’s a solid foundation. Just never forget, blogging will help you sell more vehicles and keep loyal, repeat customers. It’ll kick the digital barn doors open on your dealership and allow the original content to flow steadily, so current and potential customers will always find their way to you, instead of the other guy a few doors over who realizes the power of a few paragraphs.

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