Car Salesperson Training for Success – Part II

Whether you’ve been in the business of selling vehicles for two weeks or two decades, sales training is a great way to keep those vehicles moving off your showroom floors.  Last time, we talked about letting go of old tactics, remembering their names, remembering the women and children, listening more than talking and an organized workspace.  These are all winning tips, and the team at Justplayin’ has a few more for your arsenal.
1.  You have to look them in the eye.  Don’t get distracted too easy.  Always be ready to catch their glance.  They may only look at you here and there, but when they do, they’ll know you’re interested at all times if you’re looking when their eyes meet yours.  I know it sounds like a romance novel, but trust me, eyes on a cellphone or other potential customers are a deal breaker. It’s a sign of respect, and they deserve it.

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2.  Slow down.  Don’t let on that you need the sale.  Don’t rush them.  The minute you push, they’ll second guess the purchase.   Just like eye contact, they need your patience.  Focus on the sale, but don’t look at your watch or phone for the time, and don’t get aggravated if they walk.  You never know, they may come back.
3.  Know your product like the back of your hand.  Your customers are going to hit your showroom floor with questions, and if you’re not ready with answers, they’ll go find them somewhere else.  Would you want to buy from a salesperson with no knowledge of their own product?  Here’s the real challenge.  You have to go up against Google.  Probably half of your customers already know the answers to their questions.  That’s right.  They’re testing you.  The rise of the internet has given the average customer a knowledge base that basically puts them on the same playing field as you, so brush up or they’ll be selling you the vehicle.  Try to know it all.  How many miles are they getting per gallon?  What are the color options?  Know some basic pricing for extras.  Be ready to hit them what they need, and have quick access to answers on your cell if you don’t have them on the tip of your tongue.
4.  Follow up with them.  Being a salesperson is not easy.  Picking up the phone is infamously the hardest part.  Who wants to make that dreaded phone call?  You know the one.  You’re a nuisance.  We get it, but you have to do it.  They’re not calling you back, so if you want that sale, you’ve got to pick up the phone.  Thank them for coming.  Leave them a message if they don’t pick up.  Be friendly.  Tell them they had a beautiful family.  Thank them for allowing you to have their time.  They did you a favor.  They are potentially putting food on your table.  Don’t forget that.  Always remember that each and every customer represents your well being, so treat them with the kindness and respect they deserve.
Part III is on the way.

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