Courage, Fear, and What Makes You Hesitate

Courage, Fear, and What Makes You Hesitate
Fear wastes time.

Fear wastes time because it causes hesitation.

Think about it.

When you know exactly what to do, when you are confident that you can do it, and when you know that the downside risks are negligible or at least acceptable, those are the things that you do without fear.

You do those things without hesitation.

When you are unsure of what to do, when you are unsure of whether or not you can do it, or when you are unsure of the consequences of failing, those are things that cause you to be afraid.

Such things make you afraid to act. Such things make you hesitate.

Think back to the first sales call you ever went on. Or the first time you picked up the phone to call on a lead. Or the first sales presentation you ever gave.
The first time you did any of these things you may have been a little (or even a lot) afraid.

But maybe you did it anyway, right?

You did it cause you found your courage.

Courage is not the absence of fear.

Courage is how you get past your fear.

Courage is the ability to do something, to take action, to move forward even when you are scared.

Are there things in your business that you are putting off?

Things that if you did them, your sales and business would be better?

Maybe fear is what is stopping you. Fear of wasting your time. Fear of wasting your bux. Fear of changing doing something wrong and looking stupid.

I don’t know exactly what it is for you.

I do know that I have gone through periods where I have stayed stuck in my comfort zone, avoiding doing things that would make my sales and business better.

I have always pulled myself out of these periods and found my courage by looking for and finding an example of the right way to do things that works. Once I find someone to model, the fear lessens to the point where I get the courage to act.

Fear is a natural self-protection mechanism. At the most base level it helps you to survive. And in the modern world, it helps you conserve your energy and your sanity.

Just don’t let it control you.

Look for ways to get over your fears faster.

If you want to accomplish more and more in your life, then you must get past your fears faster and faster.

Look to solve any dilemmas you might have about what to do, how to do it, and what will happen by finding people who have success already with what you are trying to do.

By studying and following others who have already “figured it out”, you will lessen your fears and find the courage to move forward.

Brandon K Hardison

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