Reputation, Ratings and Reviews, Oh My… They’re Everywhere!

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When somebody mentions a customer review, or average consumer ratings score, If your first thoughts are something like “Do Reviews Matter?” Then you don’t need to be here… You need to sell your dealership!

If we throw in every type of non-digital marketing and offline advertising into a bucket, the sum total of all customer influence is vastly exceeded by the impact on the customer’s buying decisions made by online reviews, ratings sites and social media content sites such as DealerRater, Yelp, Google Reviews,,, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and others (talk about process).


Richie Bello has an entire library devoted to automotive marketing and promotion.

If you would like to get a handle on how big this aspect of businesses trying to better manage their resources, try to remember that demand creates innovation and each of the innovators seek an audience, with your dealership or business… As shown ,below by Google’s

The list above is only a dozen of the many companies seeking their fame and fortune at your expense by providing “Reputation Management” tactical execution of daily simple tasks and procedures designed to ensure the support and posting of various types of content and messages being communicated to our target audience…


I have personally worked on quite a few Reputation Management projects and starting in 2000 was w hen my mind truly bloomed and learned at a dealership in Washington State. I was sent to Ford of Kirkland near Seattle by Ford Motor Company. My assignment was to develop strategies and tactics for Ford Dealers to gain a competitive advantage by using social networks and media channels more effectively than dealers selling other brands.


Then on one of my trips to Ford of Kirkland, the dealer’s wife who was  his controller ran up to greet me. And gave me a nice hug. She had always treated me with caution on previous trips, why the dramatic change, I asked… The controller smiled and told me “Every day we have people who drive lengthy distances to do business with this store, because of our customer reviews. Later, I pulled several deal jackets so I can do some research on what was happening.

That was the first time I was able to actually review deal jackets on car buyers who bought cars as a direct result of our Social Media activities, but it certainly was not the last.

Dealership Ratings and Reviews posted publicly, have far more ability to influence the actions of car buyers than just about anything else… Including each media channel shown above.

Let’s get going on repairing the crumbling infrastructures located throughout America… While we create and launch what will prove to be more effective at positively impacting our dealership reputation than anything previously done. This will require some open minded thinking outside the usual box that constrains automotive marketers.

How many of you have figured out where I am going with this?

“Customer Review Videos”

Imagine this… A professional news reporter and interviewer, with her professional film crew. She interviews a dealer’s willing car and service buyers. This generates clear, well produced video and we need to launch ASAP.

Online Video Snapshot

Online Video Snapshot

Automotive Executive with over 20 years of experience in developing, designing, marketing, selling and delivering a variety of digital marketing technologies and professional services focused on enhanced marketing, sales and business process implementation. Experienced leader of OEM sponsored digital marketing, advertising, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales performance projects. A proven track record in leading technology deployment initiatives designed to deliver objectively measured sales performance results. Primary career focus has been on leveraging the use of information technologies, analytics and business process improvement to support integrated marketing and retail business development within automotive distribution channels. Areas of expertise include creative problem solving, information and data analysis, building trust-based relationships and coaching professionals into a team with common goals and consistent process. Demonstrated and recognized industry leadership in digital marketing content and channel development, concept presentation, internal and external consensus building, market research analysis, resource management, organizational development, strategic planning and business development, tactical technology implementation.

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